We Took A Time Out.

I sometimes tell myself that this is the week for change, for kale eating water drinking power walking kind of change. The change you can feel in your whole body and mind. Unfortunately for me I have never been self motivated, I lack the basic requirements needed to fulfill any of my goals. Either that … More We Took A Time Out.

Part of me felt awful for leaving my last post. There is something quite awkward for me to share such private events but equally this has been a turning point for both my blog I want my readers to see both the good and the not so good aspects of my life because that is … More

Simple Sunday.

Good Morning 🙂 It is a rainy bank holiday Monday morning here. I am the only one downstairs at the moment which is very strange for Francis as he is usually up before anyone. I am a huge morning person I love the uncertainty of what my day may hold and this morning is especially … More Simple Sunday.

Summertime Sadness

Drifting through the long days, the hard days and the days I wish would last longer. A month that should be embraced with BBQ’s, picnics and soaking up the sun. My doors should be wide open to let the warm air bleed through, my evenings should be long and I should be able to smell … More Summertime Sadness

Toddler Style

This evening I have been searching the internet for clothes for Francis. I am extremely fussy with his outfits and try to avoid clothing with massive boy cliches like monsters, tractors, cars, diggers… (you get the idea) Francis adores these things (apart from monsters) and a few of his tshirts have these on. I just … More Toddler Style