We Took A Time Out.

I sometimes tell myself that this is the week for change, for kale eating water drinking power walking kind of change. The change you can feel in your whole body and mind. Unfortunately for me I have never been self motivated, I lack the basic requirements needed to fulfill any of my goals. Either that … More We Took A Time Out.

Be OK with you.

Trying to make sense of it all was where it all began. With questions about the right way to parent haunting my space. I felt consumed by it all over whelmed with the lack of freedom I felt in this bubble. A target of societies expectations with social media being the prime suspect for all … More Be OK with you.

Monday be Good.

Monday has a hard time people hate Monday. Yet the start of the week holds promise.. a sort of we can do this approach is how I deal with the eye rolling ordeal of Monday mornings in this house. With this said it is hard to believe what lovely weather we had last week. Autumnal … More Monday be Good.