Lost In The Likes.

  I felt a great sense of isolation. My hands paused over the keyboard, my finger tips touching every key as if the computer was something new for my hands to feel. My head bursting with ideas I felt incapable of articulating any of my thoughts. Frustration gave me the heads up that more coffee … More Lost In The Likes.

We Took A Time Out.

I sometimes tell myself that this is the week for change, for kale eating water drinking power walking kind of change. The change you can feel in your whole body and mind. Unfortunately for me I have never been self motivated, I lack the basic requirements needed to fulfill any of my goals. Either that … More We Took A Time Out.

Somebody & Nobody

I am that lady that say’s sorry as she very carefully tries to navigate around you as you are peacefully browsing the new fiction isle. I am jealous because I too want to browse through the new books but I know I have seconds before my little person will start getting agitated. I am the … More Somebody & Nobody

Dear Me.

Dear Me, A letter owed to you from you. You are not old – you have said this for the past 6 years. Worry less about the number that defines how long you have breathed on the earth and focus on what you want to do with your time. Please stop looking for flaws you … More Dear Me.

Life can wait.

A week filled with juggling acts, days filled with broken routine and promises that can’t be kept. I am not so fond of these busy weeks. Every where I look there are small reminders of jobs I need to get done. My bedroom being one of them as it currently resembles a small prison with … More Life can wait.