Meltdown Monday’s

Sunday leaves behind a sort of reminder that it did actually happen regardless of how far away the weekend already feels. Several mugs and tea cups collect in the corners of my house highlighting Sunday afternoon activities!  Other than simple reminders of the weekend I love so dearly, Monday has a great way of stomping … More Meltdown Monday’s

Extended youth

I hadn’t quite applied the change in myself that I had carefully manicured and adapted to suit my new life as a mother. This is because no matter what there will always be a side to me that is hopeful, playful and likes to daydream. At first when I had Francis I desperately tried to … More Extended youth

Cake and chaos

I try to capture a moment in a split second amongst the hustle and bustle, the sound of new toys chirping/singing/ talking is an immediate distraction and a sudden realisation that I won’t get to celebrate another first year with Francis – this is what makes birthdays special right? After my ‘moment’ I continue my … More Cake and chaos

Bedtime drama

I can feel my body weakening as tiredness creeps through my body, a reminder of a rather tough day I had with my 8 month old who has mastered the art of fighting sleep and crying every time I leave the room. Bedtime routine is non existent today I simply try to keep smiling behind … More Bedtime drama

Me time …

I often complain about lack of ‘me’ time, time dedicated to reading or running a hot bath perhaps catching up on jobs that have been left at the bottom of my to-do list. But when ‘me’ time is available and Francis is peacefully sleeping, I find myself watching him suddenly my agendas seem less important … More Me time …

Attachment parenting

  Are you for or against? Without initial intention we have adapted to a life of attachment parenting, it wasn’t a choice we made over night it was simply a natural process we went through during these past seven months of Francis’s life.