Pregnancy Friendly Style/YouTube Channel

I caught a glimpse of my bump in the mirror and noticed how rounded and obvious it has become. This has excited me as it means we are getting closer and closer to meeting our little baby.

In between having these lovely moments, I can often be found having full blown melt downs over my outfit choice. When I say full blown I mean properly throwing my clothes out of the wardrobe.

I remember having this the first time round. As if my mind has not quite caught up with the fact that my body is changing, and therefore is happy to convince me that it is OK
to wear those jeans with that cute jumper with the slightly odd shape. But when I realise that I am at that awkward not quite big enough to pull certain things off without looking like a potato I tend to have a mini breakdown.

So with the contents of my lovely wardrobe scattered at my feet I settle for a floaty number – I have plenty of these as they are both casual and practical without being slouchy.

The problem is I don’t feel comfortable in my normal clothes anymore they just don’t sit right or look right this is partly an excuse to cleverly convince my dearest other half that it is essential that I update this wardrobe of mine and add some pregnancy friendly outfits.
I am usually a Topshop/Urban Outfitters and every now and then I love to treat myself to something from Olive Clothing (amazing dresses)

But I found this gorgeous denim dress from Boohoo. It is not maternity but is floaty so leaves enough room for growing some more. I just love the embroidery detail and the cute little buttons (will come in handy for all the breastfeeding).


You may have noticed I am slightly more active with the blog – the consistency has not just stemmed from the withdrawal I had from writing. But also the sense of community I feel from blogging has given me such a boost.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read/follow and support me.

We have started a YouTube channel check out our latest upload here.

I have not quite grasped editing yet and therefore the quality of our vlogs will be like watching retro YouTube but we are working on it.

You can expect to see weekly videos (every Wednesday) The content of the videos will be updated regularly but will mainly consist of toddler chat with my poo obsessed son!


Enjoy 🙂


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