I Welcome My 30’s


Turning 30 was not so bad after all.

There was a preconception that I would suddenly feel old and the lines on my face would start to sink deeper into my skin. But being a tired pregnant mother of a crazy toddler those feelings are old news now, and I got used to feeling/looking older.

I spent my birthday getting pampered which involved a fresh hair colour to suit the spring/summer season. Of course a make up haul was a must so I could experiment with my new look.

Age is just a number .. right?


My youth seems to be made up of distant memories triggered through listening to heavy metal bands and delving through piles of pre digital photo’s of my ‘myspace’ days.

Of course 30 is not old and my youth will continue as long as I allow it to .. life is what you make it and all that, but there is something quite permanent in leaving your 20’s like the end of an era.

So I welcome my thirties with hope for the future, I only hope the next few years slow down so I can catch up.





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