It is in the simple things that we find the greatest moments.

What to do with a toddler on a rainy day…

Well soft play was the obvious and I obliged seeing as scamp had been begging me all morning.
I didn’t last too long in the stuffy sweaty soft-hell so I had to think fast. How could I convince Francis that we should do something else.. it was at this point my mind wondered and I imagined him requesting we drink pumpkin spice latte’s and babyccino’s in a dimly lit cosy coffee shop.
Instead he looked up at me with those big blue eyes and shouted ‘PUDDLES MUMMY’ for Francis this was a light bulb moment it was raining outside and his idea was genius. Not what I had in mind, but hey the sheer excitement and those happy little feet in his green wellies was far too cute for me to dismiss such a plan.

So that is exactly what we did – we found the biggest puddles to jump and splash in.

My light bulb moment came whilst taking obligatory photos of our activity. I remembered I had some gingerbread syrup at home, so although I was cold and wet I had the promise of my own autumnal coffee at home 🙂

It is the simple things that keep’s scamp happy – it is the simple things that keep me happy.


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