Farewell comfort zone.

The spontaneity of taking Francis for an evening walk and a trip to the empty park, was exactly what was needed. Although bedtime should have been first on the agenda, I wanted to make the most of the long evenings and couldn’t stand another bedtime battle.

The fresh air is what we all needed, the park was so still with only a handful of big kids playing basketball in the background. This meant I could show off on the monkey bars 😉

Every now and then, routines and schedules can get monotonous and the daily struggle to keep your mind focused and not bluring into a sate of continuity is not easy. It is so important to change things up every now and then, freeing your mind and letting go. I do this not only for myself but for Francis too, in hope that it opens his mind and helps him grow.

What do you do out of your comfort zone?


2 thoughts on “Farewell comfort zone.

  1. What a great reflection. Sometimes being out of my comfort zone means going in public, on my mommy errands, with no makeup, greasy hair, hairy legs, and no bra. But I know that my peace of mind and time with my son are more important! Thanks for sharing this post! I enjoyed it very much!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I think it is great to step outside our routines for a while. I envy people who don’t feel the need to wear make up – I am trying to get to that place at the moment but my confidence has denied me so far. Work in progress. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by xx

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