Calm before the Christmas.

Hello there!

I don’t often post on a Wednesday but this afternoon Francis has decided to take an unexpected nap, which has left me with plenty to get on with πŸ˜‰

So we are currently in the pre panic part of the build up to Christmas, the safe zone the calm before the storm. Right now my desk is cluttered with little scribbled out notes and lists full of christmas ideas that I imagine will get neglected with the rest of my to-do lists. I am not rushing out to the shops just yet but have just started enjoying the smells of the festive season, everything I make seems to have a hint of cinnamon and warm spices. I like this period it’s stress free and my mind is full of bright ideas and intentions. December the 7th is when I begin to panic, the to-do list is lost the shopping is never ending and my house is full of Christmas chaos (and that’s only the 7th)

Before my Christmas melt down hits home I am going to enjoy my cinnamon spiced beetroot smoothie (it’s healthy but disgusting) and continue thinking up my grand ideas.

In other news I thought I would post the new outfit I purchased for my family Christmas ‘do
At first I was unsure of the 60’s inspired print as it seemed unusually bold for me, but I am happy that I have stayed clear of my favorite shade of black for once.

This playsuit is from Miss Selfridge. and is currently on sale with 10% off.

miss selfridge 2

blog dress miss selfri


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