The black dress

A weekend in London was just what I needed, dressing up shopping and eating fine food was a perfect start to the month.

I had previously been anxious about what I should wear for the evening ‘black tie’ event. Without knowing other women there it’s difficult to feel confident in my choice. So I opted for a simple black lace dress with a high neck, I could have gone for something a little more out there but I felt this was a classic.

The dress is from Marks&Spencer

I don’t think I have ever purchased clothing from there before but was pleasantly surprised to see a wide range of high quality evening outfits.

Selfridges was on the itinerary – this was possibly the highlight of the trip 🙂


I don’t often post make-up pictures on this blog, mainly because as a mum I don’t go all out on my make up routine on a daily basis. Of course the weekend was an exception so I went for a smokey eye with dark red lips, I felt this was very seasonal and I couldn’t recommend the Benefit eyeliner more! Its my new favorite make-up item.

smokey eye

Other than indulging and having a pretty wonderful time, the best bit was putting on my favorite ripped jeans with my massive jumper and sitting on the train knowing that I will be reunited with my favorite little man 🙂 Being greeted with huge smiles and cuddles was priceless.


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