The art of wearing baggy cardigans

Unable to control my habit of purchasing knitwear and lipsticks, I made the most of a shopping trip spent in London over the weekend. Urban Outfitters does autumn/winter style
perfectly. With a strong collection of knits and cardies over sized jumpers and winter tights I was quite happy to get lost in the autumnal nostalgia.

I am a huge fan of wearing shorts in the autumn/winter but getting the right style is paramount! I tend to go for a higher waist and rolled up at the bottom a sort of relaxed look
Together with shorts and tights I am no where with out a big cardigan to wrap around me, living by the sea makes this sort of clothing essential.


Sunday traditions are still in full swing, with seaside picnics becoming a regular Sunday hit. Francis enjoys running from the waves and finding various stones and shells to throw back in the sea.
With a busy life things get a little over whelming at times, but moments like these are gentle reminders of the beauty of living – simplicity is often the key to our happiness.


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