gloomy jumpers.

A festival of vibrant colours and light materials crowd my wardrobe, big hats and long floaty dresses. But sadly the cool sea air is reminding me that although we are still in august, summer is passing us pretty quickly. I am currently listening to Farewell Jr – music to suit my mood, my jumper has … More gloomy jumpers.

Keep Running

Today I wear my struggles for everyone to see, my eyes small and squinty through complete lack of sleep and my hair screaming for some TLC! Despite wearing my new(ish) summer dress and it being a lovely sunny weekend, I don’t feel quite right. Francis has decided to fight our usual night time routine which … More Keep Running

I quit!

I feel like I am currently sat in the circle of an AA meeting waiting for my turn to stand up and confess my troubles, unburden my thoughts – giving my self a certain sense of achievement through something that is truly a terrible trait. Similar to an unwanted habit or an addiction to something … More I quit!