Sunshine, BBQs and garden foolery

This weekend has been spent having BBQs in the garden this lovely weather is perfect for it.
Outdoor eating is somehow so much nicer everything seems to taste better.

Being a vegetarian means I have to be a little more inventive when it comes to a BBQ – this is what I came up with:
Homemade veggie burgers (made with lentils)
Stuffed nicely in a chargrilled pitta hummus, babycorn and asparagus. Chargrilled vegetables go perfectly with the burger adding texture and crunch.
I also made a mediteranian potato salad with roasted veg and feta.

As well as eating far too much we enjoyed some garden tennis while little Francis pottered around the garden watering the flowers (so cute)

Today I wore my favourite summer dress which I featured here before both hat and dress are from urban outfitters. I have copied a link here –

urban outfitters (favourite dress)







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