Have you found yourself?

Finding yourself can be an obvious journey, searching for our unique paths and chasing our dreams.
But figuring out where you ‘fit in’ can be less obvious. It’s not just as simple as changing your wardrobe or adapting your reading list to suit your new brogues, it’s much deeper than that and although changing appearances can help the process of discovery it certainly doesn’t give you a free pass.

I spent years working out where I was supposed be and what career I would settle into. But years of dreaming big wishing for recognition and hoping someone would invent a devise that could slow down time, I finally realised that it doesn’t matter what happens because I will always be finding myself and tweaking things slightly.
My friend recently told me that she noticed a huge change in me since becoming a mother “you have found yourself
She said confidently, and at this moment I realised that sometimes if you just sit back and stop running life sort of comes to you – everything falls into place perfectly.



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