Granny’s blouse

Floral prints come and go in the world of fashion but they always seem to make an appearance in my wardrobe.
This vintage blouse is a bit ‘out there’ compared to my usual finds but it looks great with skinny jeans and some cute knitwear, of course I always choose styles that are breastfeeding friendly the pearl buttons down the front provide easy access to make feeding in public places far easier.

The weekend has so far been spent enjoying a morning run along the sea front, making healthy treats for Francis and preparing for our Saturday night movie club – I love weekends!

don’t be overwhelmed by vintage boutique price tags – raid your mums wardrobe or grandmas and reinvent your look



9 thoughts on “Granny’s blouse

  1. Love your floral shirt and especially the fact that it peeks through your sweater and maintains its charm! Great post! And yes raiding mom’s and grandma’s closet makes a lot of sense!

    Love, Wink n Pout
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