Hello Indi

Thank you for anyone who read my last post about naming our little cat, after much thought we decided to call her Indi Indi has already become part of our family unit she follows us to bed at night and loves playing with Francis, our house feels more like a home somehow. I ran a … More Hello Indi

Name the cat

Hello my loves We have a new member of the family – a cute little female cat who was abandoned. She has settled in very well so far and Francis is enjoying watching her run around. The only problem is we have no name for her … This is where you all come in I … More Name the cat

Sale dress

Francis is just over 9 months now, I have no plans to give up on breastfeeding just yet which is why I still find myself scouting out outfits suitable for my needs. I love my baggy jumpers (as you know) but there is a figure behind all this knitwear and I feel like motherhood has … More Sale dress

The baggy jumper

My feet are soggy due to poor choice of footwear in the rain, my hair damp and frizzy and my make up looking rather horrific! But after a morning of clearing out my wardrobe and selling some dresses I figured a treat is in order. Looking through dresses and playsuits I remind myself that these … More The baggy jumper

Happy anniversary

A year ago I decided to share pictures of my growing bump, fashion posts and a little insight into the life of a new mum. I still haven’t quite grasped every aspect of the wonderful world of blogging but I have enjoyed being able to share my thoughts with you all. I am trying to … More Happy anniversary

Granny’s blouse

Floral prints come and go in the world of fashion but they always seem to make an appearance in my wardrobe. This vintage blouse is a bit ‘out there’ compared to my usual finds but it looks great with skinny jeans and some cute knitwear, of course I always choose styles that are breastfeeding friendly … More Granny’s blouse

The abandoned phone

The excitement of having my girls to stay was similar to the feeling I got before having a sleepover when I was younger. The difference wasn’t simply the obvious mature nature of our hang outs as I’m quite sure we still hold on to our child like charms when we get together, the difference was … More The abandoned phone

I heart dresses

I love my new urban outfitters dress. Although black skinnies and baggy knitwear are my usual go to in this dreadful weather, I like to mix things up for instant pick-me up. mummy fashion doesn’t have to be boring!