Farewell 2013

The aftermath of Christmas still lingers in the form of left over Turkey,tired looking Christmas trees and the constant supply of unwanted chocolates.
But new year is here to save the day, I’m not talking about fancy celebrations and a pretty party dress although both are just as important, I am more focused on reflecting on 2013 and making plans for 2014.

2013 was a huge year for us having my first baby, moving into our own home a rather busy year indeed.

My hopes for 2014

– To stop making to-do lists
– start my etsy shop
– take Francis to see more family members
– find a female role model worth looking up to 2013 was too focused on the likes of Miley and her notorious bum dance. There is more to life than nudity, sex tapes and plastic surgery!
– write more
– take more pictures

…. I feel this list could go on and on! Last year I promised myself I would cut down on coffee drink more water and be a better person blah blah blah
Then February came, a month of replacing coffee with water and being extra nice felt forced and unnessesary. Scrap the list next year I will make no plans and see what 2014 has in store.

Happy new year bloggers




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