Sympathetic smiles

Struck with loneliness in what still feels like a new town I take a small walk through the park the trees that are scattered randomly on the green allow sprinkles of light to peep through the shade I found for me and Francis to sit.
I watch people pass me by in-between entertaining Francis with his new rustle toy, other mothers slow down as they pass me giving me a knowing look – a head tilt and a scrunched up ‘how cute’ kind of look.
I am happy spending these precious moments with the scamp but look in awe at the groups of people crowded around the tree next to us … I guess what I crave is the friendships I had back home.

I soon shake out of feeling sorry for myself but it doesn’t stop the sympathetic smiles I get from people walking through the park.

Truth is I need to make the effort to join more baby groups and rediscover hobbies but for now it’s ok to be alone.
Change is never easy which is why a much needed family visit was in order I have enjoyed catching up with my sister and her beautiful family.







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