I love you Sunday.

Sundays always have a great feel this one particularly felt good.

The past few days felt like a blur with Francis having what I can only guess as being a growth spurt he has been extremely unsettled and I don’t think anything prepares you for an inconsolable baby. I was frightened regardless of the fact I was quite aware there was nothing medically wrong I felt useless and eventually exhausted.
This is why today was special, I woke up and checked the clock it was most odd that I had woken up naturally with out Francis being the one to wake me. Peering into his crib I was pleasantly surprised it was certainly a first for us, I decided to seize the moment and rest my head back into the comfort of my bed which for some reason felt more welcoming than usual (possibly because I appreciated this moment).
After my unexpected lie-in we ventured out to gather supplies for a picnic which only felt necessary on such a beautiful summers day.
The warmth of the sun teamed with a good read and the company of my little family was a perfect combination.



I am spending the evening scouting the Internet for a nice blouse or top to wear as I seem to be low on ‘breast feeding friendly’ tops.

I came across this one:



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