Sweet home

The smell of my mothers cooking fills the house my nose creases up as I follow the smell to the kitchen, her face lights up as I enter holding little Francis who is showing off that heart melting smile.
I perch up on the stool and take a moment looking around at all the trinkets that have been collected and hoarded throughout the years I realise that this home is a true family home, along with the hustle and bustle of daily life the neighbours come and go with offerings of fresh vegetables from the allotment near by and eggs from the chickens there is a great feel here – my true home.

So as I sit and appreciate my last day back in Cambridge I soak up the sunshine in the over grown garden my dad is so proud of and take in my surroundings, the fond memories I have had as a child here come flooding back with force leaving me smiling to myself.

I can only hope I create a wonderful home environment for my boy.

Francis is having a nap which now means I can catch up on the pages of my book.





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