Time on hold

I have paused time a brief moment to collect my thoughts and make the most of time spent with my scamp Francis. I have been living well enjoying life’s little pleasures and taking some time away from social media and the hustle and bustle of normality. I feel like I have been on a detox … More Time on hold

Graduation day

Luke’s graduation took place yesterday on the hottest day of the year! It was a perfect day shared with family and friends and I felt extremely proud watching luke graduate. After the ceremony we caught up with our dear friends Dave & Hannah to take some pictures together we then went to one of our … More Graduation day

That moment

The wind creeped up behind me cooling my body which felt over heated from the sun,tiny beads of sweat gave my face an unwanted shimmer but the breeze eased off any discomfort from another day of heat. I was pleased we decided to walk along the sea front as the sun was going down, not … More That moment

Birthday bake

As its Luke’s dads birthday on Friday we decided to take a visit to see his family which also gives them a chance to see Francis who is growing too quickly at the moment! We are having family gathering in the evening with a BBQ so I decided a birthday celebration is not quite the … More Birthday bake

Summer style

As you can tell from previous posts I tend to worship the sun when we get weather like this, granted it is harder now I have little Francis to keep safe but I can’t complain when we have been able to dine outside enjoy late night strolls by the sea and get some wear out … More Summer style

I love you Sunday.

Sundays always have a great feel this one particularly felt good. The past few days felt like a blur with Francis having what I can only guess as being a growth spurt he has been extremely unsettled and I don’t think anything prepares you for an inconsolable baby. I was frightened regardless of the fact … More I love you Sunday.

Sweet home

The smell of my mothers cooking fills the house my nose creases up as I follow the smell to the kitchen, her face lights up as I enter holding little Francis who is showing off that heart melting smile. I perch up on the stool and take a moment looking around at all the trinkets … More Sweet home

Home visit

I will always value the time I get when I visit my home town in Cambridge, the importance of family is something we all hold onto tightly. This trip was a spontaneous one I just decided I needed to see my nan, eat some of my mothers homemade strawberry sponge and have some much needed … More Home visit