I heart Urban Outfitters

My summer wardrobe is finally getting a revamp but there is still room to relive some of last years favourites, like my Aztec crop top and cotton white skirt (last season at Urban Outfitters)
I love tiedye so this dress is a must have for summer effortlessly cool and perfect for BBQ evenings.

As well as giving my wardrobe a kick start into summer style I have rediscovered my love for my lomography camera, having a baby means I am snap happy with every smile and every outfit change I will be there with a camera. The pictures I take tend to stay in folders on the computer which is why I decided to get back into taking photos with the aim to get them all developed. I love the nostalgia of film cameras not knowing what your pictures are going to come out like is exciting.Although if you are like me most of them come out with thumb prints and light glare but that’s ok at least they can be stored in an album rather than getting lost in computer files.

You can purchase a lomography camera from urban outfitters along with the clothes I have featured in this post.

urban outfitters online





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