Lets bake!

I have been neglecting my blog for the past week I have no excuses! Other than the fact I have been busy in the kitchen cooking, baking and enjoying some family time. Here is the recipe I used for my favourite cake give it a go you will love it. 125g/4½oz white caster sugar 80ml/2½fl … More Lets bake!

Breastfeeding fashion

The daily struggles of breastfeeding on the go and keeping up with summer trends is not easy but luckily there is no shortage of cute day dresses with buttons down the front which make the battle to get quick access is a lot easier. My wish list:

A perfect day

It’s easy to get lost in routine filled with chores and to-do lists I am guilty of this and regret that I don’t spend enough time just taking it easy and enjoying every milestone with my baby. This morning we broke our usual routine Francis even missed his nap because we were too busy having … More A perfect day

Post pregnancy hair.

Throughout my pregnancy I was surprised with how thick my hair became and was lucky enough to hang on to my long locks without having to have a drastic cut to improve the condition. Unfortunately this was about to change, Francis was about one month old when I noticed clumps of hair falling out after … More Post pregnancy hair.

The freckle story

Tiny brown dots scatter the surface of my skin too many to count – a map of freckles dotted all over my face. As you can imagine the torment of playground bullies can leave quite an impact on an older mind however mature or moulded your thoughts may be. I still fight with the appearance … More The freckle story