Sofa day

Feeling under the weather today which is not ideal when I have little Francis to take care of. I decided what better way to spend this rainy afternoon than getting snuggled on the sofa enjoying baby cuddles, painting my nails in my favourite shade of peach and catching up with my favourite t.v series. I … More Sofa day

Sunshine & smiles

Well bank holiday weekend was delightful we finally got a glimpse of English sunshine which of course meant the summer clothes finally made an appearance. A new coffee house opened in southsea so my good friend Hannah and I took baby Francis and ate the best apple and cinnamon cake. There was a great atmosphere … More Sunshine & smiles

Bargain Beauty

I was unable to paint my toes towards the end of my pregnancy and decided to leave them bare! Looking at them now almost 7 weeks later and they really are in desperate need of some polish. I decided to give MUA products a try, having seen the bargains before I figured that with most … More Bargain Beauty

What to wear.

I write this blog with the intention of exploring the great range of fashion out there with my focus being on mums everywhere who are struggling with image change following birth. While there are loads of options available during pregnancy there is a shortcoming for mothers after they have had their little one. It has … More What to wear.

Something New.

I have managed to ignore this terrible weather and continue to revamp my summer wardrobe. Due to recent changes in my life I have had to be slightly more careful with my choices, with breastfeeding friendly being my main focus and comfort to fit my new busy life as a mum. Here are some new … More Something New.

All is swell

Francis is tucked up and I have just had the longest birthday bubble bath ( better than any present) I feel relaxed and had time to reflect. I have enjoyed my first birthday as a mum lots of cupcakes have been consumed and I have been spoilt rotten. Although luke and I are apart on … More All is swell

Birthday blues

Birthday blues A rush of guilt hits me as I look at my darling baby content in his Moses basket, the guilt has stemmed from feeling so stressed in recent times. Prior to Francis falling asleep he had been crying on and off for what felt like hours, of course I was aware of these … More Birthday blues

Radical Honesty

One month has slipped by and just as I had anticipated it has gone by so quickly! I am getting to know my little boy and adjusting to life as a mother. Trying to make unbrushed hair look effortless, applying make up in record time, eating dinner with one hand, singing nursery rhymes in the … More Radical Honesty