New smells

I often wondered what all the hype was when people would talk about a unique smell of newborn babies I couldn’t quite understand how nappies and puke could possess any pleasantries. But here I am sniffing the top if my baby’s head realising that there really is a unique smell so delicate and pure.
Like a secret society or members only club motherhood has made me part of something I didn’t understand before, I am not sure I will be sharing breast feeding tips just yet or discussing my lack of sleep but sharing the feelings you don’t quite expect to have as a first time mother has put clarity on my new experiences.
Baby Francis James is almost 2 weeks old I have been blessed with a very content baby, Inbetween sleep and feeds I often just watch as he peacefully lays beside me looking as if he is making sense of his new surroundings (although I am pretty sure he is just thinking about boobs an milk)

With the unfortunate events that took place throughout my rather traumatic labor, I have managed to find a place at the back of my mind to avoid them tainting the positives. A whirlwind of emotions test me daily but remind me that like baby Francis I am taking baby steps and learning each day.




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