Beautiful chaos

3.37 a.m the face of my clock was mocking me 3.37!! My tired eyes are not meant for wake up calls. Had I not prepared myself for the not so sweet sounding baby cries stealing me away from precious dreams. Truthfully I hit rock bottom a few nights ago,sleep deprived and fearful of my own … More Beautiful chaos

Post pregnancy.

Breastfeeding in public has been rather tough so far, awkwardly struggling through layers of clothes and losing any sense of dignity along the way has resulted in a shopping spree to enable me to feel at ease with nursing my baby. I highly recommend blouses and shirts or anything with buttons all the way down … More Post pregnancy.

Night owl.

With my usual strict sleep schedule a thing of the past I have quickly learnt a few things to keep me going through my sleepy late nights. Granted I am lucky that Francis has already adopted a nighttime routine, I still find it tough to be alert at 4am which is why I decided to … More Night owl.

New smells

I often wondered what all the hype was when people would talk about a unique smell of newborn babies I couldn’t quite understand how nappies and puke could possess any pleasantries. But here I am sniffing the top if my baby’s head realising that there really is a unique smell so delicate and pure. Like … More New smells