Looking back.

The sun burned the back of my neck, the palms of my hands bled sweat and my heart mimicked a fast drum beat. It wasn’t just the heat of the day that was making me clamy and restless there was something deep amongst my littered mind that was making it hard to focus.
I can still remember these feelings so clear, sitting before my boyfriend with crossed legs the smell of grass that had stained my fingers from nervously plucking at the ground. I don’t recall the words I spoke or how I delivered the news of my pregnancy but I remember the taste of salt from my tears that had lingered on my lips, a reassuring look from my nervous boyfriend and the feeling of panic that surfaced my every thought.
38 weeks have past and those moments are still in-printed, my pregnancy journey seems to have flown by which in some ways leaves me sad, a distant memory flashes past holding the challenges I have faced on an emotional level and the testing of my relationship.

With 2 weeks left I am searching for last minuet tips to guide me through the next chapter of my life, frantically searching for wisdom and continuing to make endless to do lists…

Baking bunting biscuits has lifted my mood and taken my mind away from worry 🙂



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