Looking back.

The sun burned the back of my neck, the palms of my hands bled sweat and my heart mimicked a fast drum beat. It wasn’t just the heat of the day that was making me clamy and restless there was something deep amongst my littered mind that was making it hard to focus. I can … More Looking back.

Inspire me..

In the final stages of my pregnancy I would like to continue to blog in some ways it keeps me focused and in some ways a part of me enjoys sharing my experience with strangers (oddly) I rather fancy doing some ‘vlogs’ to mix things up a little but in order to do this I … More Inspire me..

Treasured moments.

Visiting family am friends in m last few weeks of pregnancy was much needed. I was surprised with my baby shower that was organised by my family it was such a special day, reminding me that it’s important to share these life changes with the people that matter the most. Aside from enjoying pleasant company … More Treasured moments.

36 weeks :)

Here I am at 36 weeks and with confidence I have enough baby items to last me rather a long time. I intend to post a little more now that time is drawing close for baby’s arrival.