Sunday Walks.

Waking up in a terrible mood meant that I had 2 choices .. I could stay in bed a little longer
and make sense of my unnessesary mood or I could get up and shake it off …
Getting up seemed more acceptable so I decided that dragging my boyfriend out to the seafront to brush off the cobwebs and test drive our new pram would be the perfect way to spend our Sunday.
Wind swept and tired after a long walk, I felt my mood change and even earned the excuse to spend the rest of the evening snuggled up on the sofa.

I am now the proud owner of a pram, I am not sure test driving it was the normal thing to do but regardless of the odd looks we got when pushing the empty pram along the seafront, it was quite exciting to get a feel of our very near future.
Turns out I am not very good at steering but seem to be very good at bumping into anything within my space.




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