The fringe day.

Craving change I decided to head to my local hair salon, I didn’t have any hair styles in mind but fancied a little cheer up treat.
Running her fingers through my tangled hair, I could tell this hair dresser would get great satisfaction from taming this wild hair. But to her disappointment I decided to play it safe and have a fringe cut instead.
Truthfully I am not fond of the fringe, perhaps I should have given it a bit of thought before hand but the desire for change over shone any decisions made , leaving no room for sensible input.
Walking out of the salon I suddenly realised that really we all spend a lot of time reinventing ourselves to suit everyone’s liking. Even simple tweaks here and there – a new outfit, a drastic hair cut, taking up a new hobby,leaving a job or even reading something out of your personal genre preference. Tweaking until we feel different and recreating until we feel satisfied, out with the old in with the new.
I don’t know maybe pregnancy really has stolen my previous identity which is why I am on a quest to find myself, obsessing with redesigning my new look and finding new paths.
Either way this phase has ended with a terrible fringe and a ghastly choice of literature experimenting will be put on hold for a while now I think!



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