Dressing my bump#3

Shopping for maternity clothes is such a bore I just can’t find the right things to suit my frame. Being short means that if clothes are not fitted in the right places I tend to resemble a sack of potatoes.
Today I ventured out in search of an outfit to wear on valentines day, to my surprise I found this dress in primark.Known for its ridiculously low prices primark is always a good shout for last minuet buys and even better when there is a sale!
At £5 I couldn’t resist this so I didn’t even bother trying it on luckily it’s a perfect fit even with my bump.
Nipped in slightly at the waste giving enough room below for growth.
I feel confident in this outfit which is so important with any outfit pregnant or not, for that reason alone it is by far my favourite purchase.

For less than the price of a small mocha and caramel shortbread I have myself a date outfit, here’s to hoping my boyfriend takes me out 😉



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