I find that I bake more often, trying out new recipes is somewhat therapeutic during these nesting times. I love mocha cakes!

Be all you can be.

Since falling pregnant my normal laid back approach to life has disappeared and my concerns for the future have surfaced. I often wonder if I am moulding into a stero type that generalises women as being worriers, needing a plan and the need to be sure about everything but then I realised that there is … More Be all you can be.

Sunday Walks.

Waking up in a terrible mood meant that I had 2 choices .. I could stay in bed a little longer and make sense of my unnessesary mood or I could get up and shake it off … Getting up seemed more acceptable so I decided that dragging my boyfriend out to the seafront to … More Sunday Walks.

The Bump.

My bump really has come out over the past few days … I am starting to feel really pregnant but think the waddle walk is not quite there yet. At 30 weeks my excitement grows along side this ever growing bump.

The fringe day.

Craving change I decided to head to my local hair salon, I didn’t have any hair styles in mind but fancied a little cheer up treat. Running her fingers through my tangled hair, I could tell this hair dresser would get great satisfaction from taming this wild hair. But to her disappointment I decided to … More The fringe day.

Dressing my bump#3

Shopping for maternity clothes is such a bore I just can’t find the right things to suit my frame. Being short means that if clothes are not fitted in the right places I tend to resemble a sack of potatoes. Today I ventured out in search of an outfit to wear on valentines day, to … More Dressing my bump#3

Me and mr bump.

It’s been a busy few days, as 30 weeks has crept up the worry of not having every thing I need for my baby has also crept up. So today I decided to get clued up on prams, I certainly wasn’t prepared for the mind field that was ahead. Like something out of transformers they … More Me and mr bump.